• Purushotham Endla
  • Ankita Test
Keywords: X-ray Diffraction, Particle Size, Lattice Strain, Debye-Waller Factor, Vacancy Formation Energy


CuInSe2 synthesized by a modified solvothermal route could be altered considerably by controlling the reaction temperature, reaction time and washing agents. Synthesized CuInSe2 powders were characterized by X-ray diffraction. The thermal properties of lattice strain (ε), particle size (t), lattice parameters (a, c) and Debye-Waller factor (B) were determined from the half-widths and integrated intensities of the Bragg reflections. CuInSe2 powder
was strained by Temperature values 150 ºc, 160 ºc, 170 ºc, 180 ºc, and 190 ºc. From a study of X-ray diffractograms recorded at different stages of different temperature values, it is observed that it has a systematic effect on the particle size. The particle shape was spherical when deionized water was used as a washing agent and Particles with the size down to 26.6nm were obtained. When the washing agent changed to ethanol, nano-rods with the diameter ranged from 100 to 200nm and the length of several micrometers were observed in the TEM. The variation of energy of vacancy formation as a function of lattice strain has been studied.