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AHRO Scientific Publishing Ltd is based in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded in 2019 based on books written by the founder and is now one of the best competent publishers promoting the dissemination of knowledge. We focus mainly on scientific publications: Journals and Books.

We would open the way for both established and new authors to have their work disseminated around the globe through stringent marketing strategies.

With our journals, we undertake a very stringent peer review policy. While unlike other journals, we would try to decrease our rejection statistics to the lowest as we intend working with authors from submission to decisions. It is only when we find the article not worth publishing that we reject it. Our aim is to give all authors every necessary assistance to enable them become published.

The Africa Health Research Organization, a non-profit organization that promotes the dissemination of quality scientific knowledge owns AHRO Scientific Publication Ltd. Through AHRO Scientific Publication Africa Health Research Organization publishes a number of journals. Ubijournals, a publishing company in India assist in the publication of all journals by AHRO.

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